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Born in Tucson, I grew up around horses and livestock. I began shoeing horses while still in my teens. I worked on ranches since high school starting colts, shoeing, and cowboying. I became interested more in the finer points of shoeing which led me toward blacksmithing. Art has always been a way for me to express myself and interpret the things I have seen and some I wish I could have. Blacksmithing is an art and it is one of the most challenging mediums. Even though the iron becomes the consistency of clay when hot, obviously you cannot touch it and it must be handled with a variety of tools which take years to become skilled with. I find it a challenge to try to combine my artistic side with the blacksmith and see what comes out. I also work in pen and ink. My preferred technique is pointillism. This is where tiny dots are applied to establish depth and contrast, it is very time consuming. I  work in graphite ( pencil)  as well which I  find quite challenging. It seems to me pencil is very unforgiving as you are using a colorless medium to give the illusion of color. Any mistakes stick out like a sore thumb. I also work in oils. Oils are perhaps the most relaxing next to sculpture. I never get into a real big hurry with oils. They are great for a piece with a panoramic landscape. The challenge with oils to me is working with them when they are most responsive not being too dry or too wet for whatever stage the painting is in. Although I have been working in clay to create designs for my blacksmithing I have been involved with a local sculptor and have done a few sculptures and enjoy it. I find it very relaxing and like the idea of working in a 3D medium especially if its a horse. I've looked at a lot of those! Art has always been an important part of my life but lately it has become my passion and I want to create as much as I can before the last roundup. I hope you enjoy the art and the website. Thanks for your visit.  Casey Abbs