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From the Forge
Casey Abbs is a Tucson, Arizona  blacksmith and western artist.  Having produced everything from: hand forged cabinet pulls, fireplace sets and screens, gates, door knockers, decorative bath and kitchen fixtures to the many custom orders over the years, Casey still has not lost his focus to detail and presentation. If you are in the market for a heirloom quality fixture to add to your home, you have come to the right place!

Handles and Hardware
We offer an extensive line of hand forged handles for cabinets or kitchen and bath accessories. We have a multitude of designs for pulls, hooks, hangers,and fixtures.  We find through the custom home builders, furniture and cabinet makers who carry our handles that ones forged from used horseshoes are popular. We nail them on the horses first, begaining the transition from shoe to handle.  However, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions.
Fireplace Tools, Doors, Screens, Gates and more.
According to the individuals taste; be it a southwestern, gothic, or contemporary look, Casey can turn a vision into reality. However, the individual must appreciate the art of blacksmithing as it is applied to create something truly unique. Every piece is created using traditional blacksmithing techniques: forge, iron, hammer, and anvil.


Fine Western Art
Before the horse breaking, blacksmithing, and the horseshoeing there was the fine arts for Casey. From the time he could hold a pencil he would try to capture the things he saw and put them on paper. He was, and still is captivated by the history of the American West. Working with horses and the people who make their living with them has always provided Casey with many ideas for creating artworks.